Go Pro Hero 7

4K60 Video, 12MP Photos and the best HyperSmooth stabilization

Incredible steady video. Extremely robust (battle-tested) and waterproof without housing. This is the GoPro HERO7 Black , the most advanced action camera ever made by GoPro. With HyperSmooth stabilization, it records videos as if you were using gimbal. A new intelligent shooting mode produces the best and brightest photos automatically. And now thanks to live streaming and GoPro App, you can share all your wonderful shots while you live. HERO7 Black brings GoPro's performance - as well as your photos and videos - to a whole new level.

Stabilization HyperSmooth Video 

Fixed videography similar to gimbal. HERO7 Black anticipates motion and corrects camera shake for extremely steady shots.

Robust and Waterproof

Share experiences that you can not capture with your phone. The HERO7 Black is robust, very small, fully waterproof - and ready for any adventure.

Voice Control

Enjoy the moment. Operate HERO7 Black remotely with voice commands such as "GoPro, take a photo" and "GoPro, start recording".


Get the best photos automatically. With SuperPhoto, HERO7 Black fits intelligently with HDR, local tone mapping or noise reduction to enhance your shooting. 

Live Streaming

Share your story when you live on Facebook Live. You can save the videos you have shared on an SD card at a high resolution.

TimeWarp Video 

Record absolutely constant time lapse videos while you are moving. Increase speeds up to 30x to turn long-lasting events into pleasant memorabilia that you can share with others.   

Video 4K60 + Photos 12 MP

HERO7 Black delivers stunning video footage in 12K video and 12K photo resolution. 

8x Slo-Mo Video

 By recording at a very high frame rate of 1080p240, you can reduce the speed up to 8x to relive your funny, interesting and epic moments in all their splendor.

Smart Touch Screen

If you have a smartphone, then using HERO7 Black will make you look familiar. Three basic shooting modes, with smart settings, make it very easy to use.

Face Detection, Laughter and Scene

HERO7 Black knows when you look at the camera, when you laugh etc GoPro App uses these details to pick the best downloads and create great videos.

Vertical Downloads 

Take vertical photos and videos - perfect for Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Photo Timer

The countdown function makes it easy for selfie or group photos to be used using the frame base. 

GPS Performance Stickers

Track speed, distance and more. Add stickers to your videos through the GoPro App application to see how high, fast and long you go as the moments of action unfold.

Zoom with Touch

Get closer to the action scene. Strike perfectly your photos and videos with a simple touch of the screen.

Video Clips

Record video clips of 15 or 30 seconds to have the ideal length for notification.

Share Direct In Your Instagram Story

Add your story directly from GoPro App - and share all your adventures in water, sand and snow that you could not record with your mobile.

Automatic Transfer to your Mobile

From downloading to notification, so simple! Your photos and videos are transferred directly to the GoPro App so you can share, share, or upload them to Tweet and Snapchat quickly.


HERO7 Black automatically sends all your shots to the GoPro App application, transforming them into a fun video with music and special effects.

Automatic Backup in Cloud 

With GoPro Plus, you can store an unlimited number of photos and 250 GB of video directly into the cloud.

Advanced Noise Reduction 

HERO7 Black filters airborne noise, vibration and grip and reduces them considerably, for clearer and clearer sound quality.

RAW Photos

Record RAW photos for high quality and great versatility in advanced image processing.

Video Compression HEVC

Save space on your SD card. Use high-performance video compression (HEVC) mode to reduce your large files in half their size without losing picture quality.

Compatible with GoPro Accessories

Over 30 compatible accessories help you pull out with unique perspectives and capture moments of your life in a new creative way.

Fast Charge

Do not miss it! With the "Supercharger power adapter" (sold separately), you can quickly charge the camera and get back to action.


  • Video: 4K60, 2.7K120, 1440p120, 1080p240 κ.α. / looping video / 15, 30 sec clips / 8x slo-mo 
  • Photo: 12 MP / 30 fps burst / single photo / night photo 
  • Time Lapse: TimeWarp video / time lapse video / time lapse photo / night lapse photo
  • 3-axis HyperSmooth video stabilization
  • Waterproofing: up to 10 m without housing
  • Voice Control
  • Smart Photo Enhancement SuperPhoto 
  • Live streaming 
  • 2 "touch screen with touch zoom
  • Face Detection, Laughter and Scene 
  • Vertical Downloads
  • Photo Timer
  • GPS + motion sensors
  • Automatic transfer to mobile
  • QuikStories
  • Auto-cloud backup με GoPro Plus
  • Three microphones with advanced noise reduction 
  • Recording RAW photos
  • Video in HEVC format
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth technology
  • Linear, wide and SuperView viewing field for photos and videos
  • HDMI με 4K playback
  • Stereo + RAW audio 
  • Protune for photos and videos
  • HiLight Tag
  • Auto-low light
  • Auto-image rotation
  • Detachable rechargeable battery

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